How to Find Hunting Land for Lease in the US

Find Hunting Land For Lease In The US

Acquiring permission for hunting in a private area has become more challenging than before.

It is owing to leasing. An increasing number of numerous hunters have decided that you should join them if you cannot beat them. Whether we like this or not, hunting land for lease is probably here to stay.

From the outside, it may appear that acquiring hunting land for lease should be like a breeze, as for those with money, numerous opportunities will come up.

From our personal experience, we can verify that it is not the case necessarily. Many people cannot lease hunting land as they do not have adequate information about the process.

The problem of leasing in the hunting world is contentious and such concerns are well documented. Access to private land is getting leased up at a high rate by the outfitters and individuals, making hunting by permission increasingly challenging.

It means getting a ‘No’ often when you ask for permission to hunt and even the previously allowed hunting permissions being revoked as someone else offered money for hunting.

Hunting land for lease is merely not going to work for several hunters. It is why it is incumbent on the hunting community to continually stand up for public land access & explore numerous other creative opportunities for opening up access on the private lands. For those who view leasing as a prudent option, here is what you should know:


Word Of Mouth

lease land for hunting

For those looking for hunting land for lease, we would first recommend exploring and seek leases via word of mouth.

Inform all the people you know, right from your family and friends, that you are searching for properties to hunt & that you are willing to pay an accessibility fee as it can open all kinds of doors. Put it out worldwide to the extent possible and sit back and view what comes back.

Even getting a special business card printed is another tactic for figuring out individuals willing to take up hunting land on lease. This particular card is emphasized on being passed on to those with the requirement.

Moreover, with a card in wallet or purse, family members and friends both are likely to remember it and pass it on to land-owning acquaintances, who equally have the chance to get in touch with the card owner as they have the contact details handy now.

Here, we present a list of questions, which should help you know about ‘hunting land for lease.’

Is It Possible To Lease Hunting Land?

Yes, it is possible to lease hunting land, but it comes with its definite set of pros and cons.

For hunters, it is simple to concentrate on potential positives, such as exclusivity to land or quality of the game, or just ease to access the land for recreation. For landowners, added income about leasing land is a bit mighty tempting.

Landowners are taking various risks when making decisions to lease their land to strangers. Each sportsman does not take as much pride in the land as an owner does, and with zero enforced restriction set, few lessees may overhunt wildlife and even damage the land. That is the reason why it is crucial to research potential tenants.

Treat them just like they are an applicant to your organization – ask for some references, and ensure your contract gets reviewed by an attorney if the terms are not completely clear.  The same thing goes for the sportsman looking to enter a lease.

Ask the owner for the last tenants’ contact data or info and always seek legal recommendations and advice about creating a contract. A healthy dose of skepticism is 100% bound to serve both sides well. With a solid agreement in place, both parties get the feel of worth added to the time that went into it, and even a sense of comfort sweeps in.

What Is the Average Cost For A Lease?

prices for hunting land lease

There is no easy formula for calculating a crucially perfect or an average cost for a lease with numerous kinds of land options for lease and its durations.

The good news is, most of the landowners look forward to working with you and with tons of agents present in the market to assist you in making the correct decision. You can seek help from brokers to real estate agents to farm managers and bag a suitable deal on hunting land for lease.

Moreover, nowadays, it is simple to research and compare the listings online all by yourself. We are listing a few important land leasing factors we have come across and are sure they steer variations in the price for a lease.

  • Property maturity and amenities
  • Acreage and location
  • Wildlife quality and diversity
  • Additional services that are being catered by the owner or by the lessee
  • Length of lease
  • Exclusivity of land

Which State Has the Best Hunting Lands for Lease?

public hunting land

States with the best hunting land for lease are New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

You can check out a few options in these states and then make your decision basis what meets your requirements the most.

For How Long Should You Lease Your Land?

You may think, for how long to lease your land. Lease duration depends on your personal choice and requirements.

Leases can be of two durations; a short-term and long-term land lease.

Short Term Lease

Short-term lease ranges between a week to a whole season, & similar to regular leases, often need additional services from the landowner, like overnight accommodations, food, and even guides.

Short-term leases enable landowners with the option of renting to various parties across the year or season, making this kind of lease even more lucrative than others.

Long Term Lease

Long-term land lease is common, owing to their simplicity & low maintenance of agreement. It is often called ‘one & done.’

They last from 1 to 3 years & tend to be most advantageous to both owners and hunters as both sides are invested in the betterment of land & its wildlife. It is common for lessees to add value to land by building watering holes, food plots, fences, and even shooting houses in such leases.

And yes, if you require other alternatives, you need the landowner’s approval. Building a good working relationship between the tenant and the landowner is essential in a long-run lease. 


Hunting has become a pursuit for many these days, and finding the right hunting land is crucial for the lessee.

No matter what duration of the land lease you are looking for, finding out all the details about the terms and conditions of the hunting land lease is crucial before signing the contract.

Invest your money wisely on leasing hunting land so that you can enjoy your hunting time to the fullest.

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