Goose vs Duck Meat: What Tastes Better?

goose vs duck meat

What an animal eats determines the taste of its flesh.

Feeding on shrubs and plants produces a fatty taste while consuming animals gives a gamey taste.

Are you a lover of goose or duck?

In a nutshell, geese and ducks thrive in oceanic islands, ponds, and near lakes. Geese are strikingly bigger than ducks because they have long legs, elongated bodies, and long necks. Ducks have comparatively small bodies supported by extended legs.

Despite being in the same class of birds, geese are herbivores, while ducks are carnivores. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the goose and the duck since both can be multi-colored while a few have distinctive colors. But, you can quickly point out a goose by its honking sound and a duck through the quacking noise.

So which bird tastes better between the goose and duck? Read through the article to learn about goose vs. duck meat—what tastes better.


Does Goose Taste Like Duck?

It can be harder to tell the difference if you’re not eating both goose and duck meat side-by-side. Goose meat does not taste like duck, it is fattier and has more flavor. Another visible difference is the color of the meat – goose meat has darker color compared to duck.

What Is The Difference Between Goose And Duck Meat?

As mentioned earlier, there’s a striking difference between geese and ducks.

These differences are significant enough to influence the taste and the flavor of their meat. Let us look at the differences.

Duck Meat

slicing duck

If you haven’t tasted duck, you need to try it immediately since it’s a fantastic bird with numerous health benefits. Duck meat is much loved in Asian and Western communities, although the world is slowly adapting to duck meat.

Compared to chicken and turkey, you can eat duck while roasted or steamed depending on your taste buds.

Duck meat offers sweet, fatty, and dark meat with a robust flavor compared to turkey and chicken. Apart from meat, you’ll enjoy moderate protein and amino acids. Mainly, duck meat contains high monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids suitable for the body, especially in a keto diet.

A keto diet involves consuming fats and proteins, which are easily found in duck meat. The body can survive on only duck served with vegetables and other non-carbs diets. So don’t underestimate the power of duck meat to support the normal body processes.

Duck meat is infused with nutrients, apart from essential fats and amino acids. It’s rich in vitamin B, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, and phosphorous. Remember, selenium is a potent antioxidant that acts to boost the immune response and heals inflammation. Thus, a regular duck diet is beneficial for body health, growth, and development.

Goose Meat  

baked geese

Goose meat is famous in the United Kingdom and the United States. It’s a highly coveted Christmas dish in Germany and has strong popularity in Hong Kong and China.  

The world is slowly turning to eating bird meat, and goose is among the most preferred.

If you’re a chicken lover, then goose has a higher flavor profile than chicken. The meat is darker and contains more fat compared to chicken. Goose meat is high in protein and is a significant vitamin B source. Like duck meat, goose contains glycine, which is essential for healthy skin and osteoarthritis management.

Goose meat has similar proteins as duck meat—the two birds are fortified with a substantial amount of zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, and copper. So it offers intense therapy for zinc and iron deficiency.  

Both goose and duck meat are available at the local grocery stores or supermarkets. You can easily order from online stores and get the supply within the shortest period possible. Or you can go out hunting for the birds.

Goose Vs. Duck Meat – Which tastes better?

Now that duck is not geese, which one tastes better? The answer lies in their feeding habits. Geese are herbivores, while ducks are carnivores. This means that herbivores’ fat content is more than carnivores. Of course, an animal with less fat tastes better and is easier to roast or steam.

So technically, preparing ducks is easier and a little less messy. Nonetheless, both birds belong to the same class with striking similarities in their nutrient composition. Ducks feed on other animals, drawing more vital minerals and elements necessary for body growth and development.

Avoiding Bad Cooking Practices That Ruin The Meat

duck stuffed with orange

Your method of cooking can quickly ruin or improve the flavor and the taste of the meat.

So avoid too much heat when cooking meat. Using a slower flame may slow the cooking process but be assured it’s the surest method of cooking healthy meat.

You can improve the taste of the meat by marinating for a sweet and distinctive flavor.  It’s a mistake to throw meat directly in the pan or the pot without preparing and marinating. After marinating, give the meat time to rest and absorb the seasoning.

Then, use moderate heat or flame to avoid overcooking or under cooking.


Many people end up overcooking meat for many reasons. Some believe that animals feed on dirt and overcooking is one method of eliminating the germs. It’s a wrong approach since overcooking will damage the protein, fats, and mineral elements.

It’s advisable to purchase birds and animals that are well preserved and approved by a vet. You cannot control the germs in animals through heating. Remember, some people contract serious illnesses from animals by only touching. So purchase animals that have stamps from the local food poisoning board.

Cuisines That Use Duck And Goose Meat

Different countries have varied tastes and preferences regarding meat, which determines the process of cooking and preparing it.

Meat lovers have a strong affinity for tasty and distinctive flavors. Thus, the world has various cuisines that use duck and goose meat, as shown below.

Cuisines that use duck meat

duck with potatoes

Americans love glazed, brined duck that’s smoked using little heat. The fat content in ducks produces moisture that evaporates, leaving the meat to absorb the smoke quickly.

Taste is paramount, and Americans love smoked duck slathered with seasoning and accompanied with a glass of beer.

Duck cuisine is also famous in pastry dough for making shortbread cookies, biscuits, and cakes sourced from the fatty content. They use duck fat because of its versatility and the capacity to remain in liquid form at average temperatures. So duck fat is adaptable to different cooking needs.

Many Asian countries eat duck embryo from the cell, a diet known as balut.  Indonesians like a seasoned duck with various herbs and aromatic roots and then wrapped with bananas leaves for roasting. French love duck legs well marinated with spices and garlic. The Polish culture uses duck blood to make Polish soup, which is customary among young men.

Singaporeans love roasted duck with rice for ceremonies while Koreans treasure duck soup mixed with various vegetables.

Cuisines that use GEESE meat

Southern China loves roasting geese using a furnace under very high temperatures. Hong Kong and the European nations love roasted goose popularly eaten during Christmas and significant ceremonies.

Croatian region is known for maruni geese, a popular meal that uses chestnuts and goose as the primary ingredients. They stuff goose with pepper, salt, eggs, moistened bread, onion, and bacon. 

The Danish enjoy roasted goose stuffed with prunes, apples, and quartered apples. Croatians love roasted geese with caramelized or boiled potatoes and red cabbage.

How To Get The Best Duck And Goose Meat

traditional croatian geese with chestnuts

The best way to obtain the best goose and duck meat is through hunting.

Wild ducks and geese contain natural flavors as they grow by eating healthy natural foods. If you have no idea about becoming a hunter, search for trainers and learn how it’s done.

However, you can also buy farm grown duck or goose meat from the stores. Sourcing quality food is essential for meat lovers. Some people spend a lot of time hopping from one store to another in search of quality meat.

Thus, when buying a goose or a duck, consider those that are evenly colored without a bruise. The brighter and smarter the feathers the higher the quality of the bird.

Different people have a distinct liking for various species, but the primary determinant is the process of rearing and selling the birds. A clean environment with the right food means quality and uninfected animals and vice versa. Do not just settle for any meat—search for understanding the bird’s origin since a bad diet can cost your life.

Most people love goose species from Britain and France as they’re famous for better taste and flavor. Remember not to overpay because of the source only to find that the taste and flavor is the same. Nonetheless, if you want for purchase from France or Britain, source the birds between September and January. During these festive periods, expect more than average prices.

Bottom Line

Meat lovers have varied tastes and preferences for the meat cuisines, preparation, and servings.

From the above goose vs. duck meat discussion, it’s wise to include both in your diet. They both offer fantastic health benefits which are hard to get from chicken and turkey.

Their meat contains essential minerals and nutrients that help the body fight specific diseases and preserve the skin.

Ducks are carnivores, while the goose is herbivorous—these distinctive feeding habits affect the taste and the flavor of the meat. The carnivorous ducks taste better and less fatty, while the geese are less rich in taste because of huge fat deposits.

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