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Finding the right hunting chair that properly suits your hunting needs is a very important part of preparing for an expedition. Patience is one of the most important parts of the hunting experience, so why not have a high quality chair to relax in when the need arises.

There are a number of different styles and hunting chair models to consider. The specific features and add-ons that set them apart from each other are important for prospective customers to take into account before making a decision on a purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at five of our favorite options available on the market and provide a review for each. Find out which one outranks the others and earns the title of best hunting chair.


ALPS OutdoorZ Blind Chair14 lbs 6 ozSteel18” W 14” D 37” HYes
Browning Camping Strutter Chair8 lbs 8 ozSteel Alloy25” W 16” D 27” HYes
Millennium Treestands Shooting Chair8 lbs 8 ozAluminum22” W 20.5” D 13-18” HYes
ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Stool5 lbs 6 ozSteel Alloy19” W
19” D 31” H
Allen Company Camouflage Folding Hunting1 lbsSteel Alloy16.75” W
14” D 29” H



ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

Best Hunting Chair 1

The ALPS Outdoorz Stealth Hunter Blind Chair is one of our favorite all-around choices for the best hunting chair on the market today. It offers a variety of high quality features and should definitely be considered one of the highest quality options.

The extra sturdy powder-coated steel frame is designed to provide the best possible support system for an easy transport compact hunting chair. This hunting chair by ALPS comes equipped with an adjustable seat that has various height options ranging from 17.5 inches to 23 inches.

It is also designed with an extra wide backrest for extra comfort and a 360° swivel seat that provides easy vantage point rotation for any situation. The large swivel feet are built with independently adjusting legs in order to effectively accommodate rough and uneven terrain to keep a level seat every time. The four large foot pads help prevent the chair from sinking into any type of soft ground

The extra durable TechMesh material is designed to provide optimal breathability as well as the strength needed for a hunting chair. This material will dry extra fast and is easy to clean in between uses.

The ALPS Outdoorz hunting chair has dimensions of 18 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 37 inches in height. It weighs approximately 14 pounds and 6 ounces, and has been given a weight capacity recommendation of approximately 300 pounds.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter has been considered one of the best hunting chairs available today. Designed with high quality materials and equipped with the best features, this hunting chair is definitely one of the most important options for buyers to consider.

Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair

Best Hunting Chair 2

The Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair is another great option for hunters who are looking to purchase a high quality chair for any type of expedition. Browning provides a high quality chair that is a hunting accessory that consistently appears on all top seller lists.

This chair is designed to fold seamlessly into an easily transportable compact unit. The Browning is built with low-profile powder-coated steel framing that also includes a padded shoulder carrying strap for comfort. In addition, this hunting chair comes with an eight inch by 28 inch carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

One of the important features that the Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair offers is the four rotating foot pads on the bottom of each chair leg that help users to maintain a level seating position on uneven terrain. Its sturdy and low profile design will ensure stealth while keeping you comfortable.

The specific dimensions for this model are 25 inches in width by 16 inches in depth and 27 inches in height. This particular chair rings in at a weight of 8 pounds and 8 ounces, with a suggested user weight capacity of 300 pounds. There is also a wider version of this model available for customers who are looking for extra space.

Another quite unique feature that the Browning hunting chair has to offer is the fact that it is designed and produced with Realtree HD Fabric. This extra realistic material is meant to simulate the forest foliage and will help you and your chair blend into the surroundings and stay hidden from potential prey.

After taking a closer look at the Browning Camping Strutter chair and what it has to offer in terms of quality, design and important features, we can definitely say it delivers a great option. This chair is clearly a contender for best hunting chair on the market.

Millennium Treestands G100 Shooting Chair

Best Hunting Chair 3

Our third candidate we would like to take a look at for this review is the Millennium Treestands G100 shooting chair. Let’s go over some of the qualities and specific features that make this a great potential buy.

This chair is designed for hunters, built with a 360 degree full swivel that enables users to remain in one location while having a full range of motion. The G100 is also designed to be height adjustable, from a range of 13 inches to 18 inches at maximum extension.

Manufactured as a tripod chair, the three legs are independently adjustable to ensure that you remain level on any uneven or rugged terrain. This stability is incredibly important for allowing hunters to always be in a good position to take the shot.

The Millennium Treestands G100 has been crafted with ComfortMax fabric making it not only extra comfortable, but also extra quiet. This shooting chair was designed to be as quiet as possible while bearing weight, which is very important in hunting settings.

One of the more unique and attractive features of the Millennium G100 is the fact that it comes pre-drilled and fitted to hold the G101 shooting or M600 bow-holder. Although both of these are extra add-ons that would need to be purchased, the availability of this feature is definitely something to take into consideration.

The lightweight and nicely packable design is perfectly engineered for easy chair stowing and transport wherever you need to go. Regardless of whether you are posted out in the woods hunting big game or posted up in your own backyard for a barbecue, the Millennium G100 will deliver stability and comfort.

This chair has seat dimensions of 20 inches wide, 17 inches in depth, and an adjustable seat height range of 16 to 19 inches. It was built with an all-aluminum frame design that features an extra durable powder coat finish to provide years of use irregardless of wear and tear. The Millennium G100 has a recommended carrying capacity of approximately 400-pounds, and weighs in at 8 and a half pounds.

No matter what blind you are in, the G100 will ensure you are in a good position to spot your target and take the best possible shot. This lightweight, easily packable and extra comfortable design is perfect for deer elk and big game hunting, as well as smaller game hunts and any other outdoor activity.

ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Hunting Stool

Best Hunting Chair 4

The fourth of our five candidates for best hunting chair is also the second model from ALPS. The OutdoorZ Rhino MC hunting stool is yet another great option for hunters looking to purchase a high quality chair for their activities.
This chair is built with an extra sturdy powder-coated steel frame that is constructed for long term durability and maximum stability in any location.

Designed with two convenient mesh pockets on either side of the chair provides users with extra storage spots for smaller items like cups, bottles, spotting gear etc.. The angled backrest and extra wide seating area adds an extra level of comfort when the time comes to take a load off and relax.

The ALPS OutdoorZ hunting stool has the ability to collapse and be stored conveniently into the shoulder carry bag that comes included with the purchase. This is an awesome feature and is often high on a hunter’s list of necessities when looking for the perfect chair.

In terms of size and dimensions, this model is relatively compact coming in at 19 inches wide, 19 inches in depth and 31 inches in height. It is also one of the lightest options in our group of five reviews, coming in at only 5 pounds and 6 ounces. This chair is significantly lighter weight than our other options and should be considered a great choice for customers prioritizing low weight gear for their expeditions. The OutdoorZ hunting stool has a recommended weight capacity of approximately 375 pounds.

The Rhino MC (more comfort) is designed to provide users with a little extra room to have a seat, without having to sacrifice on adding extra weight or overall chair capacity restrictions. Although hunting stools are definitely a great choice, the Rhino MC is similar to a stool, however it is built with a backrest for maximum comfort.

Allen Camouflage Folding Hunting Stool

Best Hunting Chair 5

Our fifth and final candidate for best hunting chair on the market today is the Allen Camouflage Folding hunting stool. Last but not least, this piece of equipment delivers high quality material and a number of great features to boot.

The Allen hunting stool is built with a high quality extra durable steel frame with a convenient fold-up backrest that can be deployed whenever necessary. The chair is designed with a built-in zippered storage pouch that is affixed beneath the seat for stowing away smaller pieces of gear etc..

This hunting chair is incredibly compact and versatile, and can be easily folded up and transported to any location using the web carry handle that is found attached to the seat. A great feature for hunters constantly on the go.

In terms of dimensions the Allen camouflage folding hunting stool is 14 “ in length by 16.75 inches in width and 29 inches in height. It has a recommended weight capacity of approximately 225 pounds.

Two things that may be considered drawbacks about this hunting chair is the fact that the seat height is not adjustable like most of its competitors. This as well as the significantly lower weight carrying capacity make it somewhat of a weaker model. However this is all a matter of preference and the Allen hunting stool is definitely still a great choice for the right hunter.

What Is The Most Comfortable Hunting Chair?

When it comes to the most comfortable hunting chair, it is tough to choose just one as there are a number of factors to consider. Many hunting chairs are built in order to be extra lightweight and easy to transport, but focusing on these aspects may sacrifice comfort.

The most comfortable hunting chairs will have a full back rest system that can be adjusted to fit user needs. They will have wide set seats  and backrests to increase comfort and accommodate people of all sizes.

One of the most important features of a comfortable hunting chair will be the use of high quality, water resistant materials such as high density polyester and nylon. These materials will provide a nice smooth feel, and will air dry extra fast when wet to avoid uncomfortable soggy situations.

What Is The Best Hunting Blind Chair

We have previously reviewed five of the best hunting chairs on the market today, but which one is considered the best hunting blind chair?

After taking a closer look at all of our candidates and evaluating their designs and best features, we can come to the conclusion that the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair is the best option for a hunting blind chair.

It provides a highly intuitive design that features a 360 degree seat swivel for maximum flexibility inside of your blind set up. It also comes built with large padded swivel feet that are independently adjustable in order to maintain a level seating position on any sort of uneven terrain.
The Stealth Hunter blind chair is a top notch option as it is made with TechMesh material that is meant to dry extra fast and provide maximum breathability. To top it all off, it comes equipped with an adjustable seat that has various height options ranging from 17.5 inches to 23 inches.

What Do You Sit On In Ground Blind?

When using a ground blind for your hunting expeditions there are a few things to remember in terms of what you should be sitting on.

Most of the time, hunters will be in their blinds for long periods of time, so a comfortable seat with a proper back rest will be essential. Another thing to remember is that ideally your seat will have no arms or removable arms as these can get in the way when setting up to aim and take your shot.

Ground blinds are often built to be compact and low to the ground, therefore you will want a low-profile chair or one whose height can be adjusted to be nice and low. It is also important to have a sturdy chair, metal is often best, that is well built and will remain silent at all times.

Can You Shoot A Gun Through Blind Mesh?

When it comes to shooting specifically a gun through blind mesh, there are a number of things to consider before making that decision for yourself.

Shooting a gun from inside your blind through the blind mesh will likely put a large hole in the blind mesh and could also melt the meshing around where the bullet travels through. This will obviously damage your blind and could potentially be a fire hazard in certain conditions.

Another important thing to note is that the sound from the gun blast will be very loud, and when inside a blind the shooter and any other people present should have ear protection on.

If you do decide to shoot a gun through blind mesh, one recommendation would be to make a small vertical slit in the meshing where the gun barrel can protrude. This will help avoid damaging the mesh any more than needed while promoting safety as well.

Can You Shoot A Bow Through Blind Mesh?

In contrast to shooting a gun through blind mesh, shooting an arrow through blind mesh is a bit of a safer and less hazardous approach. Shooting a bow through blind mesh is inherently less of a hazard than using a gun because of the fact that there is no risk for significant damage to the blind. However, there are a couple of factors involved with shooting a bow through blind mesh that need to be considered.

One of the most important potential problems with shooting a bow through a blind mesh is the chance that the initial contact with the arrowhead and the meshing will cause the arrow to slightly change trajectory and produce an inaccurate shot. In situations where hunters spend hours waiting for the perfect shot, risking inaccuracy by shooting through the blind mesh is cause for concern.

There are blinds on the market that have been built with replaceable mesh camouflage shoot-through windows that are designed to allow the right type of arrow to pass through unimpeded. It is recommended to use arrows with fixed broadheads in order to ensure optimal precision.

Are Rhino Blinds Waterproof

Whether you are a first-timer or an expert hunter with years of experience, Rhino Blinds are an important addition to your gear loadout for an effective and successful expedition. All of the Rhino Blind models are UV treated and durable water repellent treated (DWR), making them both waterproof and sun proof. They are also antimicrobial treated which helps prevent dry rotting, mold and other common issues found in many blinds available on the market.

If you are looking for the short answer then yes, Rhino Blinds are waterproof.


A good hunting chair is an important piece of gear to have on every kind of expedition. Finding the hunting chair that best suits your needs as a hunter is an im order to conclude the review of our top five favourite contenders for the best hunting chair, we must decide on one stand alone winner.

We previously discussed the fact that the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind is the best hunting blind chair, and as such have also decided that this same model is our all around winner for the best hunting chair available today. Equipped with the best features and designed to promote maximum comfort, durability and versatility, the ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind is the best hunting chair available on the market.

We have also discussed a few of the more frequently asked questions within the hunting chair and hunting blind industry including shooting a gun vs. shooting an arrow through blind mesh, seating tips for when inside your blind, as well as a quick overview of Rhino Blinds and the high quality products they provide.

We hope this guide has provided some insight into what to look for in a great hunting chair and what features are most important for your hunting expeditions. Consider what we have discussed and good luck on all future hunts!


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